How to Donate

The Fitchburg Public Library welcomes cash gifts, which are then used to purchase new materials. If you would like to donate money, make the checks payable to the Trustees of the Fitchburg Public Library.

If your gift is in honor or memory of someone, please let the office know, by calling 978-829-1780, or write, including the following information:

  • Name of person you are remembering
  • Address of anyone you would like us to inform that you have given a gift
  • Please include a comment or two, if the person being remembered or honored was interested in something special. to help us select the appropriate items.
  • Your name and address for your tax records

Other Donations

Fitchburg Public Library also appreciates the donation of GENTLY used books, CDs, audiobooks on CD, etc. Popular reading paperbacks are welcome at any time. Donations need to be brought when the library is open. Please limit your donations to one or two boxes per week and do not put them in the book or media return boxes outside.

Donation Guidelines

The following guidelines have been established:

  • Donations become the property of the library
  • Donations will be evaluated for addition to the collection, and are subject to the same criteria as all other materials
  • Donations not added to the permanent collection will be given to the Friends of the Library for their book sale, passed on to other libraries, or discarded if necessary
  • Receipts for tax purposes are available at the Circulation Desk. The Library staff cannot determine the fair market value of the donations. That is the responsibility of the donor

The following items are not accepted as donations because the Library cannot use them and they do not sell in book sales:

  • Textbooks
  • Magazines and professional journals
  • Encyclopedias
  • Reader’s Digest Condensed Books
  • Out-dated information
  • Items which are musty, mildewed, insect-infested, or generally in poor condition