General Research
  • Animal Diversity Web - Searchable database created by the University of Michigan.
  • Animal Omnibus - Lists of links to thousands of animals.
  • Animal Information Database - Lots of info about sea animals, including pictures, classification, habitat and physical characteristics.
  • Critter Cam! - What do animals do when there are no people around to see them? View animals in Antarctica, the Arctic, and the deep sea, from National Geographic.
  • - Field guide to 5,500 plants and animals.
  • Science & Nature: Animals - A great site to get you started with info from prehistoric times to endangered species.
Endangered Species
Specific Animals
  • Fun Facts about the Arctic - Facts, pictures and activities about Arctic wildlife
  • - Searchable database of insects. Basic information and close-up pictures
  • Shedd Aquarium - The world's largest! Interactive sites, learn about fish, mammals and reefs
  • Dinosauria - Find out what dinosaurs ate, look at fossils, read about dinosaur nests.
  • Meet the Dinosaurs - Informative site that includes timelines, graphics, theories about extinction.
  • Prehistoric Life - This BBC site contains pictures, interactive games and quizzes.
  • Zoom Dinosaurs - Basic information for younger children