Ancient World

Ancient Egypt

  • Ancient Egypt - Great site by the British Museum
  • Egyptian Hieroglyphics - Learn about hieroglyphics
  • Egyptomania - Coloring book, quiz, fact v. fiction, build a pharaoh, from the Cleveland Museum of Art
  • Guardian's Egypt - Tons of links to sites about ancient Egypt. Site features a cyber journey to Egypt and a discussion board
  • Explore the Pyramids - NOVA website explores who built the pyramids and what the hieroglyphics say. Features site maps of individual pyramids
Ancient Greece
  • Ancient Greece - BBC's site gives basic facts about ancient Athens, Corinth and Olympia
  • Ancient Greece - Information about Ancient Greek life, philosophy, religion, architecture, and other topics
  • Mr. Dowling's Ancient Greece - Who was Homer? What was the difference between Sparta and Athens? Visit this site to find out more
Ancient Rome
  • Ancient Rome - Part of the History for Kids Site. Good information
  • Mr. Dowling's Electronic Passport - Basic info about the birth of Rome, its emperors, the legacy of Roman government and the Punic Wars
  • The Romans - High-quality site put together by the BBC. Info. on history, religion, technology and family life
  • The Roman Empire - Biographies of famous Romans, a brief history, interactive maps, info about Roman gods
Ancient China
Ancient Africa
Ancient India