Mayor's Office

Mayor Samantha M. Squailia

A Message from the mayor
We are here because we’ve been entrusted with the important work of maintaining, restoring and protecting our city and our community. The people of Fitchburg chose us to do the job and we have a duty and responsibility to show up every day and ensure it gets done to the best of our ability.

This responsibility of serving our city is one I take with great respect. Now is the time to join together through our collective work for what is best for Fitchburg for all our community. I am excited to work with everyone here and everyone that desires to help play a part in improving our city.

This city holds more than just a small share in the great history of America; it has played an essential role in building and improving this country. From the railroads that moved goods across the east and the north, to the industrial mills that produced some of the nation’s first commercial products on a mass scale, to our prominent role in the Abolitionist movement, Fitchburg’s history and tradition is that of hard work and promise for a better future for all of our community. 

Few cities in the state, and even the country, hold that same amount of untapped potential that exists within the history of our Gateway City.

Together we have the opportunity to make a better Fitchburg with all the best that our long-time community members can recollect, and all the good that our newest residents can imagine.

We have so much to provide the world and I invite all of you to share in that vision with me, take pride in it, show love for our home, and help each other see that vision come to fruition. We can only Move Fitchburg forward, working together. Let's get to work!

-Excerpts from the Inaugural Address of Mayor Samantha M. Squailia January 2, 2024


Samantha 'Sam' Squailia is currently serving her first term as Mayor of the City of Fitchburg. She was elected on November 7th, 2023 as the 46th Mayor and the 3rd female mayor in the City of Fitchburg. She is a lifelong resident of Fitchburg, attending Kindergarten through Middle School in Fitchburg Public Schools.

Mayor Sam Squailia is an alumnus of Leominster Center for Technical Education & High School. She then completed her A.S. & B.S. in Architectural Building Engineering from New England Institute of Technology in Warwick, Rhode Island and working towards completion of M.Arch from Boston Architectural College.

She obtained her Master's Certificate in Sustainable Building Design from Boston Architectural College, Master’s Certificate in Regulatory Affairs in Cannabis Control from Clark University, and a Resident Leadership Institute Certificate Cohort 6 from Fitchburg State University.

Mayor Sam Squailia is a Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design Accredited Professional in Building Design & Construction, LEED AP BD&C, with 25 years of experience in Architectural Building Engineering & Project Management.

Mayor Sam Squailia has served in a volunteer capacity on numerous boards throughout the City and State, including the MassDOT Massachusetts Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board MABPAB, Board of Directors of the Massachusetts Municipal Association, Keep Massachusetts Beautiful, Keep Fitchburg Beautiful, Fitchburg Pride, Fitchburg Greenway Committee, Stratton Players, Fitchburg Cultural Alliance, Friends of Fitchburg Abolitionist Park, Friends of Fitchburg DOGS, Inc, Voter Choice MA State Advisory Board, Fitchburg Farmer’s Market, & Longsjo Middle School PTO.

Prior to being elected Mayor, Mayor Sam Squailia served 6 years on the Fitchburg City Council as Councilor at Large, first elected in 2017.

She has a daughter Nicolette, and is married to her spouse Nicholas.


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