Water Meters

Water Meter Upgrades
In August 2005 the city embarked on a citywide upgrade to the existing meter system. As of 2008 99% of the city has been upgraded to the radio read technology. We are now able to read your meter by driving by the property with a laptop computer. Each account has been programmed with a unique number specific to the property as well as the longitude and latitude of the property. With this information we are able to "grab" the reading electronically.

Upgrade Features
The new meter heads that we installed are more accurate than the outside readers that we previously used to obtain water readings. These outside readers were prone to the elements of weather and would at times fail to record the correct usage. They would under calculate the usage causing a higher than normal bill to the homeowner when the problem was discovered. It was a catch-up bill for the past usage that failed to register on the outside reader.

Water Only Meters
Depending how much you water your lawn or if you are filling a swimming pool you may want to consider installing a second "water only" meter. This meter must be purchased at the water department and installed by a plumber. Once installed we will inspect it and seal it. Please call us at 978-345-9616 ext. 1 and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Tips to Help Us & You With Your Water Meter
Keep the inside meter area clean, warm and dry and check for leaks. The new meter heads are equipped with a leak detection device. There is a small blue dial to the left of the reading dials that should only move when water is being used. If you are not using water and that blue dial is moving, you could have a leak at the property.