Economic Development Strategic Plan

After securing Community Compact grant funding from the Baker-Polito administration, the City of Fitchburg hired the Edward J. Collins, Jr. Center for Public Management at the University of Massachusetts Boston to help develop a Strategic Plan for Economic Development. The work began with an Economic Trends report, which developed a date-informed analysis of the City's current opportunities and constraints, The Trends Report then informed the Strategic Plan below.

This Strategic Plan is the result of many months of work by residents, business leaders, City staff, and elected officials who came together to develop a vision for the economic future. of Fitchburg and strategic goals and actions to help make that vision a reality. All goals and actions are competitively within the region and beyond. 

the Economic DEvelopment Strategic Plan's 9 core Goals

Building upon its unique landscape, historic form, diverse populace, and active business community, Fitchburg will:

  • Support a diverse mix of businesses that offer good paying jobs and provide opportunities for entrepreneurship
  • Encourage continued expansion in the number and variety of family-friendly venues and activities in order to attract visitors from throughout New England
  • Highlight and build upon the city’s natural amenities and local events to become known as a center of outdoor recreational and cultural activity
  • Strengthen the downtown core as a vibrant location for contemporary commercial and residential uses while honoring its historic architecture and maintaining its pedestrian oriented form and feel
  • Enhance the city’s distinct neighborhood commercial districts so that they meet local and area needs, and are vibrant and attractive places to shop and spend time
  • Embrace Fitchburg’s role as a university town and continue to grow the city’s strong educational sector in order to provide residents and students of all ages with the skills to compete successfully for today’s jobs and those of the future
  • Maintain an attractive, high quality housing stock that is attractive to residents
  • Make transportation into and around the city easy, fun, and affordable