What is a Dig Safe Mark Out?
A “Dig Safe Mark Out” is the physical painting/marking/staking/survey layout of any sewer and or drain pipes that the Department of Public Works Engineering Division has record of on file in the office. A sketch or plan of proposed excavation is required to assist with determining the “limits” of the necessary delineation of utilities in the field.

In accordance with Dig Safe’s color coding system all marking of sewer and drain shall be done in the color green unless otherwise specified. In the rare occurrence where no record information is on file, the dig safe mark out shall read “Location Unknown”.

Please note that the City of Fitchburg is not a part of Dig Safe System, Inc. and should be notified separately. Water lines are marked out by the City of Fitchburg’s Water Division’s Engineers and they can be reached by phone at 978-345-9616. Contact Dig Safe before you dig, it’s the law. DigSafe Website

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